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Identity and Access Management

Internal Workforce

Our IAM solutions for internal workforce reduce cost by automating user lifecycle management operations and risk associated with in-proper user access. Capabilities include provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts and identity attribute sync across multiple systems, strong authentication, and user attestations to match user access to the right level of business responsibilities.

Business Partners

To fully realise business benefits and be quick in implementing new services, organisations need to exchange information with their business partners and suppliers. 

This real-time information exchange needs to be secure and requires external identity and access management solutions. Our solutions for Business Partners focused on providing low internal overheads, where federation and integrations are the key components.


Business success strategies are always changing, but what never changes is the need for any business to keep their customers engaged. 

Our IAM solutions for customers help organisations to respond to the pressure of providing customers with better experience accessing products and services incl. on mobile devices. Capabilities include capturing and translating identity and access data into meaningful business insights to increase consumer satisfaction, facilitate business growth and improve bottom lines.

Identity and Access Management Framework

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a framework of business processes and policies that facilitates creation and management of electronic (digital) identities.  

We offer the following commercial and open-source IAM solutions for internal workforce, business partners and customers that can be deployed on premises, provided by via a cloud-based subscription model or deployed in a hybrid cloud:

  • User Directory and Directory Integrations (AD, LDAP, Database)
  • Authentication, incl. Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Authorisation Management
  • Password Management
  • Identity Lifecycle Management
  • Identity Governance
  • User Administration, incl. Delegated Administration
  • Social Authentication Integrations
  • API Access Management
  • IoT Integrations
  • Secure Business Application Integrations
  • B2B Integrations
  • Cross IAM Frameworks Integrations
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM) 

Privileged Access Management

We offer the industry’s broadest set of integrated cross platform privileged access management (PAM) solutions that defend against threats related to stolen credentials, misused privileges, and unwanted remote access.  Contact us to request a demo and lean how you can improve privileged user productivity and maximise IT security investments.

Privileged Identity

Auto-discover critical IT assets,  privileged and service accounts and interdependencies. 

Rotate and randomise thousands of passwords per minute from a single node.

Automate Least Privilege and remediation of  inconsistencies to reduce cost and improve IT responsiveness 

Endpoint Privilege Management 

Reduce the risk of privilege misuse on Microsoft Windows and macOX  Desktops.

Prevent and contain breaches on Windows, Unix and Linus Servers.

Control your Network Devices, including IoT, ICS and SCADA devices.

Password Safe 

Auto-discover all assets and applications with privileged accounts. 

Managed and rotate account passwords, eliminate embedded credentials and ensure password strength.

Forensically review logs of all credential activity and sessions for compliance.

Auditor for Windows Infrastructure

Audit real time and recover Windows Environments by instantly rolling back unwanted changes to Active Directory.

Audit and report on Windows file system and NetApp access faster than native auditing.

Audit, analyse and alert for Microsoft Exchange, report on changes to SQL Server.

Vulnerability Management 

Scan, identify and access vulnerability across all assets (on-premise, cloud, mobile, virtual, container).

Prioritise findings by analysing business impact by utilising third party sources.

Remediate and report against pre-configured regulatory standards and benchmarks.

Secure Remote Support

Give contractors and vendors privileged access to critical assets without VPN. 

Provide superior service for every end user on or off your network, whether you are fixing a Linux server or iPhone.

Meet compliance regulations with an audit trail, including detailed session activity video.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We can assist your data scientists developing your AI model, work with internal validators or external regulators to provide understanding on security and identity data used to generate and fine-tune your model. Engage with us to help you correcting a model if it ever causes problems.


Some local area of your identity and security data may be unfairly influencing your model's prediction. We can help you  understand all factors.


We will work with your data analysts and scientists during your Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) stage. 

We can help you fully understand security and identity data.

This data may be fundamental to understanding of your AI model output. 

Building AI systems?

Interpretability, Fairness, and Transparency is a mandate? 


We can provide valuable inputs during the Fairness and Disparate Impact Analysis, suggest on final tuning parameters and assist with the model documentation.

Smart Cloud Security (CASB)

For SaaS and IaaS services and thousands of websites...

Our solution for cloud security eliminates blind spots, guards sensitive data with advanced cloud DLP and provides advanced threat protection against elusive attacks across SaaS and IaaS services and Web.​

Our CASB solution for Cloud Access Security targets and controls activities across any cloud service or website. Customers get 360-degree data and threat protection that works everywhere.

Take advantage of cloud and web without sacrificing security. Contact us if you are interested in a Cloud Risk Assessment (CRA) or CASB solution.

Workload Automation

Simplify and automate diverse batch application workloads, accelerate application deployment, improve service and SLAs, and accelerate application deployment.

Agility, Reliability, Scalability

Innovate faster with extensive simulation capabilities and deliver critical business workloads on time, every time. 


Stay connected and manage your workloads anytime, from anywhere from your Android or iOS device. 

Cloud Service

Automate and orchestrate cloud services with native AWS and Azure integrations

Accelerate Big Data Projects

Gain visibility into and automate your data ingestion from any database or application from a single point of control.

Deliver File Transfers 

Gain visibility and automate all of your internal and external file transfers using a central interface.


Collaboratively test, maintain and control your jobs versions with Jobs-as-Code approach