Support Programs

Identity Solutions offers the following support programs:

Standard Support and Maintenance

This support program allows customers to contact Identity Solutions' Help Desk for relevant Level 1 support enquiries.

Identity Solutions provides Standard Support program on behalf of various vendors. It allows customers to access local experts rather than off-shore support personnel.

Custom Support

This support program is designed to supplement the Standard Support or to work on its own. Custom Support is allowing customers to hand over IT tasks that they cannot deal with themselves to Identity Solutions.

Customers with Custom Support can access Identity Solutions' internal technical team to help with variety of issues, including 'how to', application configuration, customisation and use.

Customers use this support service to overcome the challenge of finding resources with specialised “niche” skills or to assist with performing tasks of a repeated nature (for example, examining logs and exceptions, routine application checks, application upgrades, etc).

Under Custom Support, we offer four support packages:

  • Bronze
  • Sliver Assist (Most Popular)
  • Gold 
  • Platinum 

You can find inclusions and support coverage for each package here.

Account Management and Reporting

This service component is included with the Custom Support at no cost or can be arranged separately.

This Support Program facilitates efficient communication and comprehensive integrated account management services through a single focal point. The service also includes an inventory management.

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