Identity and Access Governance

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In current economic climate many organisations lag behind in adopting governance and compliance practices due their focus on survival and lack of economies of scales from investments.

However, threats to business information and technology infrastructures are escalating. Governance and compliance is a continuous and evolving requirement.

At Identity Solutions we believe that better security should not cost more. Automating management of user data and streamlining user access processes can free up resources to focus on other business activities. 

We offer effective, low cost, technology-enabled solutions and services that help organisations to manage users and access, identify and continuously manage risk and achieve compliance with law, regulations and industry standards.

Our governance and compliance solution:

  • Streamline complex compliance processes by automating the auditing, reporting and management activities associated with an identity governance program
  • Create an integrated risk model and prioritise compliance activities around the users, resources and access privileges that present the greatest potential business risk
  • Enforce user access policies, particularly in critical compliance areas such as separation of duty, detect violations and initiate remediation

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