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priv cloud mWe offer Private Cloud Solutions utilising the Next Generation MPLS Network and cloud services infrastructure with 100% Up-time Guarantee and 100% Committed Support.

Delivered as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), we take the cost and complexity out of cloud computing. Our clients are able to migrate their network, host new applications or consolidate their services without having to make a significant investment in infrastructure, technology and staffing.

A Private Cloud Solution from Identity Solutions is as close as it gets to owning your own private cloud infrastructure, without the associated investment or operational challenges and with a high level of visibility and control over the IT Infrastructure.

We provide admin level access to clients for our technology platforms from leading vendors such as Cisco, Fortinet, IBM and EMC. We also support common stream and less commercial Linux distributions such as Centos, Fedora and Debian or a fully managed IT Infrastructure service.

Our Private Cloud Solutions have been carefully designed to deliver performance, scalability and security. Each element of the solution has a high level of fault tolerance and is based on best-of-breed infrastructure and software from leading vendors and backed by SLA’s.

Data Sovereignty

Companies that embrace cloud computing may be required by laws to keep customer’s data in the customer’s home country.

One reason for that is to prevent that data from being subpoenaed by a foreign power.

Our Private Cloud Solution is able to meet regulatory obligations specific to various business sectors in auditable ways. Identity Solutions' customers have the ability to assess and assert their compliance with data sovereignty regulatory obligations.

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