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bomgar-slideBOMGAR solution supports remote desktops, servers, network devices, smartphones and systems outside the network – all from one screen, even if they are behind firewalls that you don’t control!

Identity Solutions’ remote support solution is based on BOMGAR technology.

BOMGAR simplifies support by letting technicians control remote computers, servers, smartphones and network devices over the internet or network.

With BOMGAR, a support rep can see what customers see or control their computers for support. Seeing the screen helps you decrease on-site visits, eliminate phone support, and respond effectively to peaks in demand.bomgar

Resolve more incidents on the first call with BOMGAR.

Support customers on remote desktops running Windows, Mac or various Linux distributions. You can also support a variety of mobile devices - including Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile.

Bomgar replaces multiple remote control tools with one.

money bag Value Assessment

With increasing demands and decreasing IT budgets, companies require analytical rigor to assess the potential returns from technology investments. Many companies do not have a process or resources that can be devoted to developing comprehensive IT-related business cases. Talk to us today and we will help you to baseline existing support operations, processes and costs and identify specific areas which can be optimised to deliver cost savings to your organisation.

We will conduct discovery workshops with key specialists to gather information related to your support operations strategy, business and IT objectives.

Then we use the data gathered to outline both the hard dollar benefits and the intangible benefits of remote support consolidation.

 Bomgar Trial

 Request an Instant Trial or Full Product Evaluation.

The limited free trial let's you preview a number of features available to support representatives. Some of the remote support capabilities included are:

  • Send a support link to a remote customer
  • Support all the platforms available in Bomgar
  • Try Bomgar from your iPad or Android tablet

Bomgar also offers a full evaluation of our remote support software. However, a full evaluation request must first be approved.

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