IT Infrastructure

infrastructureWe offer IT Infrastructure solutions that help customers to build resilient, secure and recoverable IT systems.

Our IT Infrastructure solutions are designed for efficiency, to protect the environment and your budget.

We offer IBM Hardware Systems, Servers, and Storage solutions that are optimised and architected to maximise performance and efficiency in a new era of Smarter Computing.

With extraordinary energy efficiency, industry-leading virtualisation capabilities and a broad portfolio of offerings, we can help you deliver excellent project outcomes and savings.

Our IT Infrastructure design and build team provides solutions to suit individual customer environments. Solutions can be offered using various deployment models:

  • in a traditional way for a custom installation and configuration
  • pre-build, expertly integrated systems - PureSystems™
  • using computer resources in a cloud

Traditional Hardware

Cloud Offerings

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More - Hardware

pure systems more

More - PureSystems™

ibm smart cloud more

More - IBM SmartCloud

private cloud more

More - Private Cloud

Business Continuity Solutions and Disaster Recovery Solutions

To ensure continuous support of business functions, IT systems must be available at all times.

Identity Solutions helps its clients to meet disaster recovery and business continuity challenges. Services include assistance with development ofBusiness Continuity Strategiesspanning across various systems components like system backups, as well as change control, and help desk.

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