Automation and Optimisation of System Resources and Processes

AutomationSSkilled staff are often consumed by routine, manual tasks executed in isolation across servers, networks, databases, and applications. The result is lengthy change cycles with unreliable results and increasing numbers of service outages causing the business to see IT as an impediment to business success.

What’s more, new technologies and methodologies — cloud computing in particular — are changing the way IT and its customers are thinking about the data center. While the fundamentals have not changed, the current trends in data center management are emphasising automation more than ever before.

Our automation and optimisation solutions helps to speed up the delivery of IT infrastructure services and high-quality applications for increased competitive advantage.

Our automation solution can help:

  • Automate Batch Processing
  • Automate the management, control and enforcement of repetitive tasks across IT people, processes and technologies
  • Automate the changes across servers, networks, databases, and applications — in the traditional data center and in the cloud
  • Automate the application release process and eliminate release incidents with consistent configurations and performance — from development to production
  • Automate problem triage and repair
  • Enable better communication, collaboration and integration between  Dev and Ops Teams


  • Ensure reliable service delivery and easily meet customer expectations and SLAs — with minimum staff effort and skill requirements
  • Increase IT productivity for configuration management of servers, networks, databases, and applications in your data center
  • Manage the complete application delivery process — from development to production — whilst also reducing costs, decreasing errors, and accelerating time to value for business-critical services
  • Increase compliance and dramatically reduce the effort and time associated with audits

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