Discovery, Configuration and Management of IT Assets


Understanding asset data and application dependencies is a fundamental requirement for IT leaders who have to make correct purchasing and planning choices, safely manage changes, prioritise support and understand the real costs of IT.

Other vendors offer a range of solutions, all providing IT management capabilities with varying levels of integration. There may be data feeds connecting these technologies but there is very little process integration.

Our asset discovery, configuration and management solution can be offered as a suite of integrated products or as a virtual appliance.

Utilising agents or using agentless discovery, we offer fast and easy deployment, minimal administration, and broad coverage of all operating systems and virtual platforms.

The asset discovery, configuration and management solution can help IT projects like virtualization and cloud planning, asset management, data centre standardization and compliance, business continuity, and change impact analysis.

Our solution integrates with service management systems and can help:
  • Set up a Configuration Management Database (CMDB)/ Configuration Management System (CMS)
  • Automate the collection of IT asset data by discovering multi-tier system components and applications and mapping them to the IT infrastructure
  • Track and manage an asset through the different stages of its life-cycle
  • Quickly and reliably install or remove software applications, or system and security configurations without disruption to the end-user
  • Assess exposure to risk, detect weaknesses and remediate known vulnerabilities
  • Reduce the hassle of monitoring IT assets and defining policies and provide auditors with records of compliance levels from a centralised console
  • Seamlessly integrate with service support work-flows for change, incident, problem, and configuration management

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