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You can be anywhere, accessing systems and applications that are hosted on your own IT infrastructure or in the cloud.

Our solutions help people to collaborate, businesses to interact and customers to acquire products and services. 

We offer solutions and provide integration services to secure people, devices, platforms, data and applications.

Smart Cloud Security

Eliminate the blind spots across thousands of SaaS and IaaS services and thousands of websites.
Take Advantage of cloud and web without sacrificing security. Our CASB solution for Cloud Security Access targets and controls activities across any cloud service or website. Customers get 360-degree data and threat protection that works everywhere.

Universal Directory

Identities live in a lot of different places. We offer a flexible, cloud-based user store that lets IT administrators customise, organise, and manage any set of user attributes across all applications. For developers, our Universal Directory solution provides a centralised view of every user and their access. It saves time and helps teams focus on making products and making profits.


Provisioning automates processes of creating and revoking user access within a product or application. Seamless automation of user onboarding and offboarding between directories and applications create more intuitive, and more delightful end-user experience for cross-application access, while at the same time make enterprises more secure.

Identity Governance

Businesses are continuously challenged to meet regulatory requirements, protect their brands and control access to their resources while remaining innovative. If it is difficult for your organisation to answer the classic question “Who has access to what?”- it is time to consider identity governance. Our governance solution employs consistent processes, workflows, and tools for managing user identity and access across the enterprise. It can be deployed in the cloud, in a hybrid IT or on-premises environment. 


Streamline your business by enabling automation of business processes and jobs. Automation accelerates digital transformation, increases service quality, improves service delivery and helps to contain risk and costs. 

Remote Support

More devices, more platforms, more people, more locations... Our remote solution provides support to end-users and customers on or off your network using Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On frees people from password chains. A single set of credentials gives them access to enterprise applications in the cloud, on the web, and on mobile devices.

Federated Single Sign-On

To connects several applications together requires people to provide username and password everytime they jump into a new session. With a Federated Single Sign-On, users can click once to sign in to everything hassle-free, without losing UIX points.

Adaptive MFA

Our adaptive multifactor authentication solution allows customers to further secure their applications and on-premise resources. With a powerful policy framework, a comprehensive set of verification factors, and adaptive risk-based authentication - we offer an extra layer of protection that flexes according to user's needs.

Social Authentication

Social Login for applications allows your users to sign in using credentials from their external social login providers. Once the user has successfully authenticated, they are returned to your application. Some of their social profile information can be pulled into your user store to assist with content aware marketing. Our solution integrates with a number of social providers including Microsoft, Facebook, Linked, Google.

Mobility Management

We offer identity-centric mobility management solution that secures mobile access while ensuring seamless and intuitive user experience. By combining mobility and identity management, we're able to solve many problems than traditional enterprise mobility management systems can not.

Privileged Access Management

Control, monitor, and manage access to critical systems by authorised employees, contractors, and third-party vendors using our defense-in-depth solution. Secure access to sensitive systems within weeks or days, without disrupting current processes using a tiered approach to governing and securing privileged access.

Identity Solutions

Founded in 1999, Identity Solutions is a professional consultancy, system development and integration firm offering security and identity and access management solutions for customers in Australia and New Zealand. We create value and measured success for clients which ensures their loyalty, strikes pride in our employees and drives high recognition of our company in the industry.


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