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Top 8 IDAM Challenges with your SaaS Applications

The cloud revolution is here! IT organisations from small and mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 companies are moving from on-premise software to on-demand, cloud based services. As enterprise IT makes this transition to a new hybrid (cloud/on-premise) configuration, CIOs and their teams must ensure the company is maximizing the business value of their investments.



Three ways to integrate AD with SaaS Applications

The adoption rate of Software as a Service (SaaS) has been overwhelming in recent years.
Applications like, WebEx, Office365, NetSuite, etc. have transitioned to enterprise – wide deployments and many organisations have adopted “SaaS first” policies. However, “anytime and anywhere” access poses security Challenges.



Extending Active Directory (AD) and LDAP to the Cloud

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is central to many organisation identity and access management policies. These policies regulate access to critical on-premise resources such as the networks, file servers, applications and objects. As mission critical applications and data shift to the cloud, extending on-premise directories to these resources becomes crucial to keep users productive and to maintain data integrity for security and compliance purposes.



Avoid Multiple On-Premise Directories (AD Architecture)

A byproduct of transitioning to cloud applications is the proliferation of separate user stores.
Each could application typically is rolled out independently and therefore has its own unique database of user credentials, contributing to yet another directory. As a result, administrators quickly lose control over who has access to what, and which accounts to deactivate to ensure the necessary deprovisioning.



Okta Mobility Management

This Whitepaper provides an overview of Okta’s new user centric device management solution, the first integrated Identity and Mobility management solution delivered entirely in the cloud. OMM offers unique functionality by integrating mobility management into Okta’s industry leading identity management services.


About Okta

Okta offers solutions for Identity Management & the Mobile World in the Cloud. Today, Okta is securely connecting millions of people to over 4,000 applications across 185 countries.



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