Founder and Technical Director

Gary is a founder and CTO of Identity Solutions. Gary has spent 20 years in information technology and security. Thoughout his career he was servicing clients in Europe, Australia and New Zealand in various roles - as a solution architect, technical consultant and programmer.
Gary is happy as long as he’s got a customer to help, a technical puzzle to solve, and a group of people to share with his amazing homemade desserts...
Gary is passionate about the highest class of auto racing that is sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile -  Formula One and likes using the same high class gadgets in his home automation project.

People are our key asset.  We employ a team of skilled, qualified and experienced professionals that can add value to your IT and to your business because our clients expect Identity Solutions to know and understand all aspects of their business, not just their IT.  This really shapes the way we approach our hiring and team building process. We are confident - our consultants can make a real difference to your processes and technologies.
Please contact us to arrange for introductions.

We are servicing a diverse mix of business clients in Australia and New Zealand.
Our clients vary in size and include a number of the top 500 Australian companies, Government Agencies, and other commercial and non-profit organisations. We work with business clients in all industries, specialising in utilities, retail, financial services, education and entertainment.
We value our reputation and are proud to say that much of our work comes from repeat business and referrals