• To deliver digital transformation means to deliver secure digital experiences for all type of users - internal, external and non-carbon type. Because requirements for different types of users are different, enterprises need to select a solution with wide breadth of capabilities across identity and access management, a solution with toolkits to deliver a fully customisable identity and access management.

  • Nick Edwards, a Senior Enterprise Architect with Identity Solutions, was recently interviewed by Polly Schneider Traylor on behalf of UnboundID on changes in Identity Management Space.

  • HIC is the forefront of digital health, e-health and health informatics in Australia.
    Identity Solutions and Okta have joined forces in attending a HIC 2017 event in Brisbane. 

    Both companies have decided to attend this event because we share the sincere desire to deliver better healthcare to all people and have great solutions to accelerate e- and digital health programs.