In a Spotlight - Bakers Delight

by Lana Belakhov

Bakers Delight is Australia’s fastest growing bakery franchise with 700 bakeries across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S.A, serving two million customers each week.

The franchise organisation faced difficult consumer and competition laws which prevented them putting important systems in place in individual bakeries. One way to comply with these laws is to implement a versatile user and device friendly solution with proven results and benefits.

Bakers Delight IT Strategy

To be successful and to grow their business, Bakers Delight need to continuously improve their operations; ensure they can efficiently collaborate with the network of franchise operators; and equip themselves and franchisees with right tools.

Why Bakers Delight chose Identity Solutions and Okta

Identity Solutions responded to Bakers Delight’s RFP with Okta solution. Okta develops products that enable people to securely and smoothly access applications and other tools. Identity Solutions was able to provide Bakers Delight with a competitive and commercially flexible proposal for acquisition of Okta solution and deployment services. Unfortunately, a lot of organisations have a negative stigma associated with security and identity management projects. From what we could tell, Joanne Stubbs, the CIO of Bakers Delight, was also skeptical about proposed implementation times. However, both Okta and Identity Solutions project teams were well organised and have completed the solution implementation in 6 weeks.

Implementation Details

The project was initiated in October 2014. The project scope included on-boarding thousands of users, located in AU, NZ and Canada and providing single sign-on to a dozen of web-based SaaS and on-premises applications according to complex role and geo-location access scenarios. It was of a paramount importance not to disrupt the existing day-to-day business operations of bakers; and to introduce franchisees to the new solution in the most inviting way. After all, in every bakery, Bakers Delight bakers make and sell fresh bread on the same day.

Identity Solutions used Agile methodology to deliver the project. Even though the project had few unexpected turns it was completed in December 2014 — on time and within budget.

Our success with Okta at Bakers Delight was very satisfying. We have seen companies where poor leadership and internal politics get in the way and cause project unnecessary delays, so that at the end of the project ,solutions they implement are no longer relevant. That was certainly not the case here. Okta enabled Bakers Delight’s IT team to support the franchisees with technology, helping them to operate more efficiently and assisting in cost reduction. The team did a great job at driving these results.

See what Joanne Stubbs, the CIO of Bakers Delight, has to say about Okta.


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