Protect sensitive data against internal and external threats

by Victoria Krol

Managing access to unstructured data is a growing concern for many organisations. In the last several years, the majority of data breaches include theft of unstructured data. SailPoint, the leading Identity Administration and Governance provider, is now offering a solution to address data governance challenges - SecurityIQ.

Limited oversight of data creation by end users exposes organisations to a challenge with understanding where data is stored, how sensitive the content is and who should have access to this data.

By bringing data governance under the purview of Identity, organisations can manage access to unstructured data in the same way as access to applications and systems. SecurityIQ provides customers the same level of visibility and governance over unstructured data as they have for applications and identities to enable business and IT to jointly work to mitigate the risk of exposure across all applications, all data and all users. By addressing data governance as part of a comprehensive IDM strategy, organisations can gain a single view into identities and their associated access privileges for a complete picture of who has access to what, how they got access, whether they should have access, and who approved it.

Contact us to learn how SailPoint can assist your organisation to link identity-centric and data-centric views within the IT infrastructure and how SecurityIQ can help you to:

  • Ensure sensitive data is protected
    Make sure data is secured at all times, regardless of form and location
  • Bridge the gap between IT and business
    Enable business users to own their information with IT oversight
  • Comply with regulation.
    Treat compliance as an ongoing process to avoid audit day surprises
  • Reduce data’s CapEx and OpEx
    Eliminate unused, duplicated, and illegal data while dramatically reducing IT workload

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