We are is in the process of modernising our tools and quote-to-contract processes to improve the ease of doing business with our customers.

Identity Solutions ordering documents will easily initiate electronic signatures between the customer and Identity Solutions powered by our eSignature partner Zoho Sign. The signer does not require an eSign license or download to electronically sign. 

Electronic Signatures are legally binding and hold the same value as handwritten signatures for most business and personal transactions across the globe. Documents signed with Zoho Sign meet the Common law: Electronic Transactions Act in Australia, ESIGN Act in US, eIDAS in the EU, and other national laws. 

Thank you in advance for working with us through this change. 



The digital signature legality information is the result of comprehensive legal research into the laws on digital signatures by our eSignature Partner and Identity Solutions. We request you take legal advice with a licensed attorney in your region as laws change frequently.