Oktane 19 News

05 Apr 2019 12:41 PM By Victoria Krol

This week, in San Francisco, Okta has brought together some of the world's leading software vendors, customers and partners at Oktane 19 to share their new product insights and customer experiences - inspiring all to convert their most innovative ambitions into realities.

This is Identity Solutions' sixth Oktane as we continue  to grow our partnership with Okta - the world leader in Identity and Access Management delivered from the Cloud. We have enjoyed the event, listening to  industry leading keynote speakers, featured guests and customer panels as they were sharing stories of their respective business journeys with one thing in common - they continue to disrupt their related industries with Okta enabling their success and transformation.
Also, at Oktane this year Okta made few very important product announcements: 

First, Okta announced their Advanced Server Access offering, a solution that replaces static security keys and passwords used to access services with just in time single use client certificate, enabling a centralised access to services and automating server enrolment into DevOps processes and thus mitigating risk associated with server credential and increasing efficiency of server admin and development personnel by providing seamless end user experience.

Then, Okta Hooks – that give developers the power to add custom logic to extend the functionality of the Okta platform. Developers now can create workflows and leverage integrations with external context and third party services to enable enterprises to deliver custom flexible, extensible identity management experience, enabling enterprises to deliver purpose-built, seamless and secure user experiences.

Next Okta announced Okta Access Gateway
This solution solves the hybrid IT access problem for enterprises, connecting on-premises applications from legacy vendors like Oracle, IBM, SAP, etc. along with custom-built on-premises applications to the Okta Identity Cloud. Okta Access Gateway delivers a simple but necessary solution to modern, hybrid identity and access management architecture. Instead of managing the same gateways provided by multiple IaaS IaaS vendors including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure, customers can manage and secure access to their applications from a single, independent source, without any particular vendor constraints or lock-in 

Finally, Okta has announced their new Okta Identity Engine.
Okta Identity Engine will enable organisations to use any number of signals including application, device, network, and intent as context to dynamically augment the journey of a user, by adapting their identity experience according to identified signals and risks. For example, before authorising the access, a low-risk application may require very minimum information about an end user, while a high risk application will require the user to provide additional identity verification steps (multi-factor authentication) Okta Identity Engine can be customised using out-of-the-box console and building blocks to define, secure and handle the entire user journey from registration to authentication to authorisation as well as available via integrations using Okta REST APIs.

Some of the above features are available as early access features with customers having these new features successfully implemented  in production, including Identity Solutions' customers. Contact us if you are interested to learn more about these new exciting products.

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