Why Cloud Access Security Broker is Critical to Cloud Success

04 Apr 2018 02:11 PM By Alex Chenko

Organisations today, both large and small are shifting to a cloud strategy to support both their core operations and digital transformation. The question now is not if to move to the cloud, but rather what, when, and how...

Various surveys of organisations indicate that the vast majority of IT professionals see cloud solutions as important in delivering agility, scale, and operating flexibility. Cloud adoption is happening across large enterprises as well as small and mid-sized companies and perhaps represents the biggest change to IT in recent history.
To address a call to “move to the cloud,” all businesses must navigate a wide variety of service offerings and deployment models to determine what’s best for their requirements.
Your organisation, for example, may choose to adopt cloud using multi-cloud environments—multiple public cloud services, along with on-premises physical, virtual, and private cloud infrastructure—in different ways. This adds elasticity and scalability to IT infrastructure but makes it more difficult to secure and gain a clear, holistic view across your IT ecosystem.
In this all-new, cloud-centric world, organisations require agile and innovative ways to secure and support cloud deployments. Whether you’re running a hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, or both, a diverse environment depends on sophisticated discovery to optimise its performance and maximise its potential.

Importance of Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

During your transition to a hybrid or multi-cloud environment, CASB plays a critical role in securing all the moving pieces of your data within the new growing infrastructure. The Netskope Cloud Security platform helps organisations around the globe to take full advantage of the cloud and web without sacrificing security. 

The solution eliminates blind spots by going deeper than any other security provider to quickly target and control activities across thousands of cloud services and websites.
Customers that have deployed Netskope solution benefit from 360-degree data protection that guards data everywhere and advanced threat protection that stops elusive attacks.

Netskope Deployment Model

Netskope Cloud Security can be deployed 100% in the cloud, as an on-premises appliance, or via a hybrid configuration that includes both.

Cloud and web traffic is steered to Netskope Cloud Security for inspection using their patented all-mode traffic screening and steering technology that provides several out-of-band and inline options ensuring that you get 100 percent coverage for users on-premises, mobile, and remote.

For users accessing cloud services, full coverage is provided whether a browser, mobile app, desktop app or sync client is used to access sanctioned or unsanctioned cloud services. SSL-encrypted cloud traffic is safely decrypted using the Netskope cloud-scale architecture as part of the traffic steering process.


A well-deployed CASB solution by Netskope:

    • Protects and prevents the loss of sensitive data in the cloud
    • Provides the most accurate and precise DLP available in the market today that discovers sensitive data in sanctioned cloud services (Netskope detects sensitive data using 3,000+ data identifiers across structured and unstructured data, supports for 1,000 file types, handles metadata extraction, proximity analysis, fingerprinting, exact match, optical character recognition, and more).
    • Offers protection to users whether they are on premises, remote, on a mobile device, or accessing from a web browser, mobile app, or sync client.

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