The Benefits of Control-M version 9

16 Sep 2016 01:03 PM By Nick Clark

Control-M version 9 has been available for close on 12 months, many customers who have switched to this latest version will be familiar with its key benefits, which incorporate greater levels of availability, simplicity of use and time saving features.

For those yet to upgrade here’s a brief rundown of some of these benefits:

Automated workflow promotion:

The Control-M Workload Change Manager enables the promotion of workflows from test to production environments to be automated - job definitions are modified and verified according to the standards of the target environment. This greatly benefits more rapid application deployment cycle times.

High Availibility
Should a hardware failure occur, or server maintenance be required, Control-M High Availability allows for either an automatic or manual failover for both Control-M/Server and Control-M/EM from the primary to a secondary host. This solution is easily controlled via the Configuration Manager and helps ensure maximum uptime of the production environment. 
Automated client and agent deployment
Manual upgrades and maintenance of Control-M clients and agents can be very time consuming particularly in larger set ups. In version 9 these deployments have been automated and can be performed via a few simple steps through the Configuration Manager. Rollouts that previously may have taken days to achieve can now be performed in a matter of hours.
Global calendars:
The management of calendars can be quite time consuming and potentially error prone particularly in environments with multiple Control-M/Servers. Now, in version 9, one calendar can be created in Control-M/EM and this can be synchronised across all Control-M/Servers without having to update each one individually.

Similar to the way regularly viewed web pages can be bookmarked for ease of access so now can frequently viewed or critical jobs be bookmarked in a viewpoint or workspace to simplify and speed up the user experience.

Usage alerts

Task usage thresholds can be created which will enable an email to be triggered warning of the threshold being reached. 

In short, improved ease of use, greater speed to achieve outcomes and enhanced availability features are foremost among the main benefits of version 9 of Control-M.