Single IDM platform for B2E, B2B, B2C and IoT

16 Jul 2017 04:24 AM By Victoria Krol
To deliver digital transformation means to deliver secure digital experiences for all type of users - internal, external and non-carbon type. Because requirements for different types of users are different, enterprises need to select a solution with wide breadth of capabilities across identity and access management, a solution with toolkits to deliver a fully customisable identity and access management.

Not only that.

To achieve the desired ROI from digital initiatives, customers need to acquire and develop these capabilities quickly.

Let's have a closer look at Okta. Furthest in its ability to execute, Okta Named a Leader in 2017 Inaugural Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management, Worldwide

Okta provides a wide breadth of capabilities across IAM, Security and Enterprise Mobility as one modern cloud service. This solution in our opinion is uniquely positioned to enable enterprises delivering end-to-end IAM experiences with extreme agility. 

At high level, Okta solution facilitates connections between people and technology and provides Enterprises with a choice of using Okta’s out of the box or using Okta API platform for fully brnaded end-user experience.

Okta provides their modern identity and access management for B2E, B2B, B2C and IoT from the cloud with unprecedented enterprise-grade security and scalability.

Fast to deploy, enterprises that use Okta can use time saved to create new market opportunities.

We can take you through a range of solutions that suit your needs and budget but in general, Okta soluiton supports:

Universal Directory

A meta-directory that enables enterprises to connect all sources of user profiles and data, transform attributes and manage authorisations.

Contextual Identity and Access Management

Across web and mobile, with the breadth of applications integrated to Okta, Okta can make instant policy decisions to allow specific context or deny access based on a broad understanding of a user/user attributes

Full User Lifecycle Management

Based on a user state, Okta takes action to provision or deprovision users or kickoff workflow.

360 Visibility

Okta reporting features provide ultimate visibility across all actions concerning users. In addition, with Okta solution can gain intelligence by detecting patterns like suspicious behavior.