Intelligent Communications: xMatters for Control-M

02 Jun 2016 12:25 PM By Gavin Brown

BMC’s Control-M Workload Automation solution helps organisations to effectively manage thousands of computing jobs needed to process their business transactions. When job processing fails, it is important to quickly resolve the problem and time is of the essence. xMatters removes obstacles and bottlenecks that impede the time to resolve an issue.

xMatters is a leading provider of enterprise-grade communications to companies at time of business disruptions. With more that 1,000 global enterprises and other customers around the world, xMatters sends intelligent communications at the right moment to insure a business continuity incident can be prevented or resolved by taking corrective action. 

When job processing fails, xMatter will:

  • Hunt down the right application owner or programmer the moment a job fails
  • Give them the ability to take remote actions to resolve the issue on any device – phone, tablet, voice over phone, SMS text, pager, etc…
  • Instant conference call for critical situations
  • Provide proactive service or business impact notification to those that might be effected

Beyond Control-M

Integration with Control-M is only a beginning with xMatters. Take a strategic platform approach and manage all communications via the flexibility of a cloud based solution with enterprise grade reliability. xMatters is the platform to scale beyond IT Management to Business Continuity and Proactive Communication to your employees, partners and customers.  The solution is being used by more than 1000 customers globally, not only for IT alerting, but for many other things like dynamic staffing, field alerts, building evacuations and product recalls.