HIC 2017 event in Brisbane

09 Aug 2017 01:26 PM By Victoria Krol
HIC is the forefront of digital health, e-health and health informatics in Australia. 

Identity Solutions and Okta have joined forces in attending a HIC 2017 event in Brisbane. 
Both companies have decided to attend this event because we share the sincere desire to deliver better healthcare to all people and have great solutions to accelerate e- and digital health programs.

Attending HIC have provided us with access to valuable e-health, digital health and health information and professionals. We were really pleased with an opportunity to have conversations with key decision-makers and leading industry experts.We also have had a chance to meet people in the digital health space from around the world with similar goals around better healthcare. 

Protecting personal health and identity information is paramount within the health industry. Okta partners with HIPPA Covered Entities and their service providers to secure this very data. Identity Solutions is Okta's leading partner in APAC. We have delivered identity and access management solution for many organisations in Australia and feel that Okta solution is uniquely suitable for healthcare. 

Okta can manage different type of users - patients, customers and partners of health entities and can be used to build portals that can enable health care providers to introduce new services and revenue opportunities. Some customers that use Okta solution include Allergan, Mount Sinai, Varian Medical Systems, Enomic Health, Security Health Plan, and others. 

Please contact us so that we can take you through a range of use cases, solutions and options.