Bomgar Privileged Access Management                                    

19 Feb 2018 02:47 PM By Alex Chenko

BOMGAR, the leading Remote Support provider, has recently expanded their product offering to include BOMGAR Privileged Access Management. The offering enables security professionals to control, monitor, and manage access to critical systems by privileged users, that may include administrators and third party power users. 

Bomgar Privileged Access Management provides easy access and productivity, while protecting high value infrastructure, assets, and applications from cyber breaches.

The key features of Bomgar Privileged Access Management include:

Secure Remote Access

Allow users to connect to any system on or off your network without VPN tunneling, port-forwarding, or complex firewall configurations.

Granular Controls

Require access notification and authorization, and protect sensitive data from unauthorized users by white listing or blacklisting what can be seen during a remote session.

Vendor Access

Ensure only authorized vendors can connect to critical systems with third-party access and authorization.

Collaboration within Sessions

Allow users to pull both internal and external skilled resources into sessions to build, maintain, and support business services together.

Secure Mobile Apps

Connect to endpoints securely using native mobile apps that provide desktop-quality access from Android or iOS devices.

Monitor and Audit

Monitor sessions in real-time or find a critical event or breach by searching session transcriptions and recordings.

Pre-built and Custom Integrations

Integrate Bomgar with a password vault to protect credentials and automate logins. Also leverage pre-built integrations with identity management solutions, such as Active Directory, and IT service and change management systems.

Cloud Access Control

Enable multiple authorized users to access and manage cloud infrastructure powered by AWS, Azure, VMware and other IaaS providers.