End users in healthcare say information security is COOL!

28 Sep 2017 01:42 PM By Trevor
Nurses, doctors, ward directors, registrars, consultants – all have the same reaction to getting Single Sign On technology: “Cool!”.

No wonder! Repeatedly entering usernames and passwords is classified as a waste in Lean improvement circles. (Under the waste category of “over processing”.)

As the CEO of a state-wide, private not for profit healthcare enterprise asked me back in 2015, “How would I go to the CFO with ‘cool’ to get funding?”. At that time, there were no links between ‘cool’ and clinical outcomes. Similarly, there were no links between ‘cool’ and business benefits.

This year Gartner has published the report- "Cool Vendors in Healthcare Providers 2017". This report is for healthcare senior executives wanting to make innovative uses of ever-increasing amounts of clinical data (big data).

One of the report's key findings

The proliferation of clinical data collection systems and big data platforms has created an increased interest in the security of the stored data. Vendors are addressing this by creating new ways to provide efficient, secure and context-aware access to the vast data stores.

One of the report's recommendations

Bring in a centralized, cloud-based identity and access management solution to protect the access and usage of the data. This cloud-centric approach to secure access provides easily managed and protected connections between IT services and the data.

Identity and Access Management (IDAM) now has links with improved clinical outcomes. The Community Gateway at Mount Sinai Hospital is a portal for 57 separate care organisations outside the four walls of the hospital. Since going Live in September, there has been a reduction in repeat return visits to acute care by high utiliser patients. Patients within two zip codes of Mount Sinai are spending more time in the clinics and less time in the hospital. Dignity Health has used IDAM for one central point of identity for all Dignity Health employees, physicians and patients alike. Dignity Health has the concept of “One patient | One login | One Identity”. More recently, medical devices (asthma inhalers with communicating sensors, spirometers) are managed identities that communicate with clinicians over a population health platform. The clinical outcome for Dignity Health has been a reduction in the number of hospitalisations of asthma patients. This is preventative care.