Control-M for Hadoop

18 Jul 2015 09:10 AM By Gavin Brown

About two-thirds of all organisations are investing in Big Data and Hadoop. With the ability to economically store and process any kind of data, many organisations are trying to use Hadoop to their advantage.

Even with the help of Hadoop, manual testing, scripting, and tweaking is necessary just to ingest and pre-process the data. BMC Control-M for Hadoop makes it easy and fast to automate processes, workflows and application development.

As the commercial use of Hadoop is growing so is the need for scalable, reliable and extensible workflow scheduler system to manage Hadoop jobs. BMC Control-M for Hadoop enables organisations to reduce the time and cost of getting value out of their investment in Hadoop and Big Data. It does this by helping applications development teams shorten the time to deliver new business services and to make those services easier to operate and to absorb into the enterprise IT landscape. This is achieved by giving applications development and IT staff the ability to create, collaborate on, and manage workflows in Hadoop and across the enterprise through a simple, yet powerful user interface.

To formalise on benefits, according to BMC Software, with Control-M for Hadoop organisations can:

  • Create jobs, collaborate on workflows, schedule and manage application batch processing your way
  • Convert existing Oozie jobs to Control-M, or use Control-M to execute jobs defined in Oozie
  • Develop Control-M jobs with Command Line Interface option
  • Manage workflows using a simple drag-and-drop interface with a single point of control
  • Leverage proactive notifications to identify and resolve critical issues before SLAs are miss
  • Easily move data between Hadoop clusters with no need to create new scripts
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