Automate workloads with BMC CONTROL-M

30 Sep 2015 09:47 AM By Gavin Brown

More than 50% of business transactions are processed in batches. Business relies on error-free, cost-effective, timely, and efficient batch processing, capable of meeting the changing business demands. BMC Control-M solution will enable you to schedule and manage everything - down to the very last platform and application - from a single control point.

BMC CONTROL-M maximises automation by providing cross-application and cross-platform scheduling capabilities, such as job dependencies, workload balancing and status-based job execution.

In addition, CONTROL-M automates secure file transfers across your entire enterprise with more efficiency and at a lower cost than most standalone apps. Customers can meet audit requirements at a moment's notice with CONTROL-M's built-in change management which records every change you make. It is simple to prioritise workloads based on business needs based on the dynamic workload management capability and the ability to understand the business impact.

Solution Benefits Include:

      • Easy management of all your scheduling and monitoring tasks from one new streamlined, intuitive interface.
      • A vurtual workspace which allows colleagues to work collaboratively.
      • Upgrade agents without any downtime.

It all boils down to increased efficiency that lets you run more jobs in less time - no matter how complex your business processes are.

Control-M capabilities can be extended with the following solution add-on modules:

Control-M Workload Change Manager

Easily automate and simplify batch application workflows to reduce costs and speed up the delivery of business services with BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager.

Control-M Workload Archiving

Control-M Workload Archiving makes it easy to retain and retrieve the critical batch logs and output needed to prevent service disruptions and meet compliance requirements.

Control-M Advanced File Transfer

Enjoy secure, reliable file transfers with BMC Control-M Advanced File Transfer, an add-on that seamlessly integrates FTP transfers into your workload automation processes.

Control-M JCL Verify

Ensure syntactically correct, error-free JCL to optimize mainframe batch processing by integrating with BMC Control-M Workload Automation