Intelligent Communications: xMatters for Control-M

02 Jun 2016 12:25 PM By Gavin Brown - Comment(s)

BMC’s Control-M Workload Automation solution helps organisations to effectively manage thousands of computing jobs needed to process their business transactions. When job processing fails, it is important to quickly resolve the problem and time is of the essence. xMatters removes obst...

Automate workloads with BMC CONTROL-M

30 Sep 2015 09:47 AM By Gavin Brown - Comment(s)

More than 50% of business transactions are processed in batches. Business relies on error-free, cost-effective, timely, and efficient batch processing, capable of meeting the changing business demands. BMC Control-M solution will enable you to schedule and manage everything - down to the v...

Control-M for Hadoop

18 Jul 2015 09:10 AM By Gavin Brown - Comment(s)
BMC Control-M for Hadoop makes it easy and fast to automate processes, workflows and application development.